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Revd John Cook

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Notes from Revd John Cook.


Minister's Pastoral Blog December 2017 / January 2018

What better illustration can there be of this time of year than a journey. The first Christmas involved a perilous journey and afterwards exile into a foreign land. Very modern.

Our own lives are a journey; it may be bumpy, smooth or just interesting, but we cannot stop the wheel of life turning. We know the New Year will come round all too quickly.

If so, then it’s right to find space to pause that journey, to enjoy Advent – the time that leads up to Christmas – before we settle to enjoying all that Christmas brings.

To find out more about that first Christmas journey why not join us over the Advent and Christmas period to find help for your journey?

See you in church.

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Minister's Pastoral Blog October / November 2017

I hope you did enjoy your summer holidays, that you’ve regained your strength and enthusiasm for all that lays ahead. In church we are telling stories of Jesus that help to keep us focused on the tasks of following him every day.

In November we will also be remembering those who have died in war and violence as well as looking forward to December  and the lead up to Christmas.

These things touch all our lives, none of us are immune. So why not come and share with others that self-same journey through the seasons of life?

Minister's Pastoral Blog August /September 2017


August - September 2017

Ah, holidays! Sunshine, warmth, sea, sand, - or perhaps mountains, or railway journeys – whatever floats your boat! It is that time of year. And what do we do? We send postcards home to family and friends telling of all we seen, heard and done.

Minister's Pastoral Blog June /July 2017

We are lucky in this part of the world. Yes, we sometimes take it for granted that we are surrounded by such beautiful hills and countryside.

These hills also provide a vantage point from which to survey the surrounding area. Perhaps one of the better points is Loads Road leading down into Holymoorside. Chesterfield is laid out before you – under your feet is a trivial presumptuous, but nonetheless it seems that way. And it’s worth taking the time on a bright sunny day to go and look and enjoy where you live.

Minister's Pastoral Blog April /May 2017

Easter is coming, but then so is Pentecost. We all know what we mean when we say Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat! But Easter? That’s a different story. One many are not prepared to believe. And yes, it does defy all rational expectations.

Yet as Christians we believe that Jesus was raised from dead and lives now forever. We believe that he, God, knows all our worst human weaknesses, and still loves us and wants us to share all the benefits he has to offer.

Minister's Pastoral Blog February / March 2017

In Jewish beliefs the number 7 is significant. It is a number that signifies completeness. We see it particularly in the biblical story of creation.

It crops up in John’s Gospel where there are 7 sayings that Jesus uses beginning with, “ I am ..”

Selfishly we like to use that sort of authority. The government likes to try it too, but the High Court thought otherwise. Unfortunately they are not the only ones who think they have authority to do what they like in the world.

Minister's Pastoral Blog December 2016 / January 2017

There is a common expression that provides a sharp divide between the people who use it and those who are revolted by it. It is euphemistically shortened to, OMG.

Christmas is perhaps one of the times we can use this phrase and really mean it. Oh my God, … what have you done for us by sending this tiny baby to be our Saviour?

We have to say that it is not immediately clear from just the Christmas story. It’s a wonderful beginning  but not the complete picture.

To really understand it we need to engage with the whole story as it unfolds throughout the year.

Minister's Pastoral Blog August / September 2016

I confess to being too much of a news junky. It can be mesmerising, addictive. And we find it just a craving for every changing sound byites(bites) that has us hooked on what the newscaster is telling us. Instead I should be out walking during lunch hour rather than watching more news.

Switching out of auto pilot we become aware of too much bad news – even increasingly bad news. How should we respond to that?

Minister's Pastoral Blog June / July 2016

When watching TV we sometimes talk about the overall theme or the storyline that threads through a series. That is an overarching idea, or a meta narrative, or “the big idea”.

Within that bigger picture in mind we are the little details that make up the images, plots, characters, offer clues in a detective story, or enhance impressions in a travel show. We are the light and shade, the colour and texture that adds to the experience.


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