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15th April 2021

We hope to resume in person worship in church on 23rd May, Pentecost. Masks and social distancing will still be necessary. Until then we continue to worship every Sunday by Zoom. 25- 30 people join these services each Sunday morning, not all of them from Chesterfield - such are the wonders of Zoom! You can find the list of worship leaders under 'Upcoming Events'.

12th January 2021

We are once again in lockdown and since the first Sunday in January, Epiphany, we are worshipping by Zoom only. Contact the Church Secretary using the contact form on this website if you would like to join us. She can send you the Zoom details. The church and halls are closed and no groups are meeting.

We constantly remember all our congregation, our families, neighbours and friends in our prayers. You are welcome to use the contact form if you need help or to ask for a phone call or prayers.

6th December 2020

TIER 3 We are allowed to worship at church again!

A well attended service this morning, 6th December, celebrated the second Sunday in Advent. Advent candles were lit and we reflected on the theme 'From darkness to light' in words and music.

Christmas cards are being delivered to all the houses in the area, assuring people that St Andrew's is still here and encouraging people to let us know if they need our prayers. At the end of November a collection for the Food Bank yielded a good supply of basic foods and some treats which will be made available to individuals and families in financial difficulties this Christmas.

We will continue to worship in church each Sunday in Advent and on Christmas Day (but not on 27th December).

Chesterfield goes into Tier 2 (October)

St Andrew's meets as usual at 11.00am for worship on Sundays, as permitted for churches in Tier 2 areas. The congregation are reminded to wear masks, keep social distance and sign in with the NHS Covid 19 app at the door on arrival. Do not mix with people who are not part of your own household or support bubble before or after worship. You can meet in the garden so long as there are not more than six people in a group. No one need feel pressured to attend worship. If you feel unsafe we understand and support your preference to stay home.

Elders are reviewing the Covid 19 situation and the government's advice weekly and will seek to ensure everyone using the premises remains safe. If Chesterfield moves into Tier 3 we will check the guidance and take a decision on whether it is safe to continue worshipping. If it is necessary to close again, we will do so and try to let everyone know.

Sunday Worship restarts

36 adults and children shared in socially distanced worship on Sunday 27th September when Sue Powell led a harvest festival service. Seating was spread around the church and on the balcony. This is the maximum number the church can hold under the present restrictions. Please let your pastoral carer or the church secretary know if you are planning to attend one of our services.

Remember to scan the NHS QR code on the door as you enter, wear your mask and sterilise your hands.

Re-opening Plans

St Andrew's plans to re-open for worship on the Harvest weekend of 26th- 27th September

<h3><u>Foodbank Collection</u>&nbsp;&nbsp;11.00am - 1.00pm on Saturday 26th September</h3>

<h3>Please bring your gifts for the Chesterfield Food bank and have a cup of tea or coffee&nbsp;in the garden. &nbsp;Spread out your arrival time,&nbsp;keep socially distanced and try not to stay more than half an hour. &nbsp;If you go inside, wear a face mask. &nbsp;Although churches and their gardens and grounds are exempt from the 'Rule of Six', we still&nbsp;advise you not to&nbsp;gather in groups of more than six people.&nbsp;</h3>

<h3>Items requested by the Food Bank are:&nbsp;<strong>Long Life Fruit Juice; Tinned Fruit; Rice Pudding; Tinned Vegetables; Biscuits; Tinned Meat; Tinned Tomatoes.</strong></h3>

<h3><u>Harvest Service</u>&nbsp;&nbsp;11.00am Sunday 27th September</h3>

<h3>Leader: Revd Sue Powell. &nbsp;</h3>

<h3>The service will last not more than 45 minutes, there will be no singing, but Margaret has agreed to come and play some hymns on the piano for the congregation to listen to. &nbsp;The chairs have been spaced out, although families can sit together. Some people may need to sit in the gallery. &nbsp;Enter through the front door and leave by the side or back door.&nbsp;&nbsp;Sanitise your hands on arrival and&nbsp;wear a face mask throughout the service. &nbsp;There will be a plate for your offertory as you leave. There will be&nbsp;no refreshments. &nbsp;When you leave, stay socially distanced when you greet friends, and do not gather in groups of more than six people.</h3>

<h3>If you intend to come to worship on 27th and&nbsp;have not already been asked,&nbsp;please let your Pastoral Carer or LIz&nbsp;know. &nbsp;We have to limit numbers.</h3>

<h3>We hope to continue to worship every Sunday&nbsp;in this limited way. &nbsp;Elders will review the arrangements regularly in the light of government guidance.</h3>

<h3 class="rtecenter"><u>Detailed guidance for worshipping safely can be found on the front page of the St Andrew's Section.</u></h3>

<h2>Groups starting again</h2>

<h3>Slimming World, the Community&nbsp;Youth Theatre&nbsp;Group and one badminton group have started to meet again, but with restrictions in place. &nbsp;They have all completed their risk assessments and these have been checked against the church's risk assessment. &nbsp;The Scouts have also completed their risk assessment and hope to agree a date to start soon. &nbsp;Government guidance means that Jelly Beans, our Mother and Toddler Group, cannot restart. &nbsp;The Indoor Bowls Group have disbanded, as they decided their members were all too old and vulnerable to continue. &nbsp;The other badminton groups may restart, but need to keep numbers to 6.</h3>

<h2>Keeping in touch&nbsp;</h2>

<h3>The church building is closed but St Andrew's&nbsp;church as people is alive! &nbsp;Find out&nbsp;what we doing.</h3>

<h3><u>Foodbank Collections</u> We have held two socially distanced collections for the Food Bank. &nbsp;A great collection of food items was donated both times and welcomed by the&nbsp;organisers. &nbsp;Most recently on&nbsp;18th&nbsp;July, we also served coffee and tea on the lawn under the trees and people gladly caught up with each other.</h3>

<h3><u>Risk Assessment</u>&nbsp;Liz, Mike and Janet have conducted a risk assessment of the premises which has been considered by elders. They have placed the chairs in the sanctuary at 2&nbsp;metres&nbsp;distance&nbsp;and it seems&nbsp;we could accommodate up to&nbsp;30 people. &nbsp;However the prevalence of virus and the vulnerability of many members led Elders to decide that we should not&nbsp;reopen in July or August. &nbsp;We will bring Emma back from furlough at the end of July and she has agreed to give the premises a deep clean during August. &nbsp;As indicated by the risk assessment we will be&nbsp;installing&nbsp;hand&nbsp;santisers, warning posters and other safety measures with a view to re-opening in September. &nbsp;The URC has advised everyone attending church services to wear face masks as far as possible.</h3>

<h3><u>Church offertory</u>&nbsp;&nbsp;Patrick thanks the many people who have change to donating through standing orders directly into the church bank account and others who are filling and saving up their envelopes week by week to give in when they are able. &nbsp;Through your faithful giving we remain able to pay our monthly contribution to the URC Ministry and Mission Fund and to meet the bills which come in.</h3>

<h3>All our Pastoral Carers are keeping in touch with everyone on their list, checking how they are and whether they need any help. &nbsp;Some of our younger members are willing to help with shopping or collecting prescriptions for older members who are confined to their homes. &nbsp;We hear of people getting out for short walks or doing their gardens as we enjoy the coming of spring. &nbsp;Liz and the Elders are circulating a letter of news and reflective material every three weeks or so. &nbsp;We encourage members to join in worship broadcast on TV or radio or the services led by URC ministers which can be accessed through the URC Daily Devotions.</h3>


<p>Although we cannot be together physically, we can pray for each other and share in worship.&nbsp;We know that in his suffering, death and Resurrection Jesus Christ walks with us through this dark&nbsp;time. &nbsp;</p>


<p>20th&nbsp;March 2020</p>


<p>Elders have taken this decision particularly to protect the older members of our congregation. &nbsp;No one should feel obliged to&nbsp;go to church and put their own health or that of others at risk. &nbsp;We know you will miss the time of worship together so we&nbsp;urge people&nbsp;to follow the URC Daily Devotions and the Sunday service they will be providing each week. &nbsp;You will be in company with 3000 others who follow the Daily Devotions day by day. &nbsp;Pastoral Carers will keep in touch by phone with the people in their groups. &nbsp;Please don't hesitate to&nbsp;contact them if you feel in need of support, or simply a chat.</p>

<p>Even though we cannot meet, we have on-going financial commitments, not least our Ministry and Mission&nbsp;Fund contribution which help to pay the URC ministers. &nbsp;Please continue your giving, either by setting up a Standing Order to the church or by filling your envelope with&nbsp;the contribution you would normally make and&nbsp;give it to the church when possible. &nbsp;Details for Standing Orders&nbsp;can be obtained from Patrick Lidgett or Liz Sharples&nbsp;at St Andrew's or Janette Ward at Holymoorside.</p>




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