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St Andrew's Christingle Service - A service for children of all ages



The symbolism gradually developed and today in Britain the Christingle consists of an orangeChildren's Society Christingle representing the world, with four cocktail sticks on which are impaled nuts, raisins or sweets representing the four seasons of the year and the fruits of the earth. Around the orange is a red ribbon or tape representing the blood of Christ and the salvation of the world. The orange is surmounted by a candle symbolising Christ the Light of the world.


Light sticks can be used instead of candles as a fire safety measure.


Essentially the Christingle service is a children’s celebration of the Christ child which reaches its climax when each child receives a lighted candle or Christingle in the darkened church, symbolising the truth of the Christmas story that in the world’s darkness there has shined a great light.



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