Church House Honours Revd Dr Martin Luther King

Church House, London, honours the Reverend Dr Martin Luther King on the 50th anniversary of his untimely death on 5 April 1968. Read about it here.

ECO Church - Birds

picture of a swan on waterAccording to the recent UK Bird Report, bird behaviour is changing.

Rising temperatures affect birds and the changes in behaviour seen are consistent with a warming climate.

Awareness of Fairtrade fortnight and Chaplain's service

Fairtrade fortnight runs from 26 February to 11 March 2018.

Fairtrade Fortnight celebrates the Fairtrade movement which supports the farmers who grow the food we eat, promoting a living wage and fair trade.

It is a shocking fact that millions of farmers and workers who produce the food we eat still do not earn enough to feed their own families. It is time for this injustice to end. Fairtrade Fortnight puts a spotlight on trade. When trade is fair it has the potential to improve the lives of the people who grow our food. 

ECO Church - Potential help to reduce carbon emissions.

ECO Church - Potential help to reduce carbon emissions.

UK Agriculture may be able to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions through organic farming.

Nutritionally, it has been shown that organic crops - vegetables, fruit. pulses and cereals - are up to 60% higher in different antioxidants than non-organic crops. Having an organic seal allows us to know that every stage of production has been carefully inspected to ensure that it meets the best standards.

Show the environment some love on Valentine's Day

Show the environment some love on Valentine's Day, 14 February 2018.

Watch a film, 'The Very Hot Snowman', read about Climate Change and the Climate Coalition here.

Women's World Day of Prayer: Friday 2 March 2018

Women's World Day of Prayer -  Friday 2 March 2018


Women's World Day of Prayer is a worldwide movement of Christian women who come together to observe a common day of prayerPicture of purple daisies held on the first Friday in March each year.

ECO Church - The problem of Ocean plastic - continued 3

The Australian Great Barrier Reef has suffered from bleaching due to raised sea temperatures.picture of the ocean Over the last 3 years, over two thirds of the world's coral reefs are thought to have suffered from rises in ocean temperatures. If ocean temperatures continue to rise, it is thought that all coral reefs could be gone by the end of the century.

Rising temperatures is not the only hazard that coral reefs face.

Foodbank champion Trussell Trust move into Church House

The Trussell Trust's external affairs team moved into Church House in early January, and will continue to carry out its vital work.

Read about it here

Read about the Trussell Trust here

Faith in Politics: a new monthly podcast is launched

Faith in Politics: a new podcast is launched.

Blankets made with love to help save newborn's lives

Blankets made with love to help save newborn's lives.

Please follow the link here to read all about this important issue.


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