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The EU Referendum

Loving God,

In the referendum that lies before us,
in the challenge of seeking an answer,
in our differences of opinion,
in our need to understand,

may you guide us in our decisions,
make us gracious in our disagreement,
and may we join you to work for the
building of your kingdom
rather than our own.



From the Joint Public Issues Team - The Baptist Union of Great Britain, The Methodist Church, The United Reformed Church and The Church of Scotland.

A Prayer from Zimbabwe

Prayer in times of food shortages

Loving and almighty God,
We pray for all who are working to combat the growing food crisis.

For international aid agencies and local community organisations.

In particular we pray for those in positions of power. May the leaders of the nations act with wisdom and compassion bringing relief to those who suffer now and moving us towards a world without hunger.

Our Rock


Loving God,

we pray for all those reaching out to you now,

for those who want to catch just a glimpse of you:

for those longing for you to catch hold of them;

for those longing to be freed from abusive relationships;

for those longing for an end to violence;

for those longing for release from suffering;

for those longing for companionship;

for those longing to be freed of old hatreds;

for those longing for forgiveness;

for those who cannot name their longing,

A Prayer for Refugees

Almighty and merciful God,
whose Son became a refugee
and had nowhere, no home to call his own;
please look with mercy on those who
are fleeing war, tyranny, starvation,
enduring dangerous journeys,
are homeless, cold and hungry.

May your blessings flow to all those who work to bring relief to refugees;
may your endless love inspire compassion;
grant wisdom to the leaders of the nations.
This we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Adapted from a Prayer by Jane Holloway, Christian Aid written in 2001.

September 2015


Picture of Roots emblam

John 6

Beginning on July 26th the set readings for the year turn to John’s Gospel again for the summer period. The generic story is carried by all four gospels, but John’s is inherently different.

Merciful God

Lord Jesus,

as you met the needs of the five thousand

so we pray for those in need today:

for those in need of food and water – we pray abundance;

for those in need of healing – we pray courage;

for those in need of peace – we pray reconciliation;

Trust in the Lord

We give you thanks, Lord,

that although, like the first disciples,

we feel confused and inadequate,

you equip us with the resources

to share your abundance with all in need.

You shared bread with those around you

so help us to trust your promises

God of all hope

Lord Jesus

We pray for those in need today:

For those in need of food and water - we pray abundance;

for those in need of healing - we pray courage;

for those in need of peace - we pray reconciliation;

for those in need of encouragement - we pray hope;

for those in need of freedom - we pray release;

for those in need of companionship - we pray friendship;

for those in need of change - we pray opportunity;

for those in need of forgiveness - we pray mercy;

for those in need of your love - we pray blessing.

Advent 2014

The East Midlands Synod Training Team and others within the East Midlands Synod have worked hard to produce  'Advent Reflections' an Advent booklet to assist devotions during Advent 2014. The following prayer for Advent, written by Martha McInnes and taken from 'Advent Reflections', is reproduced here with permission.


Isaiah 40.3 : A voice is calling, "Prepare the way of the LORD in the wilderness; Make smooth in the desert a highway for our God."


A Prayer for peace in the Holy Land

As the situation in Israel and Palestine worsens, and the number of lives lost and civilians wounded continues to rise, the United Reformed Church prays for peace and an end to the suffering. You may like to join us, using this prayer written by the Revd John Proctor, general secretary of the United Reformed Church:

Lord Jesus Christ, prince of peace,

you lived in the Land we call Holy,

loved its places and its people,

embraced its sorrow and entered its suffering.


We pray for the many who suffer in that land today,