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Meda performing

Meda Stamper

Wirksworth Town Hall

People from churches across North Derbyshire said how moved and challenged they were by Meda Stamper's performance of Mark's gospel in Wirksworth on 25th May.

Interviewed about the performance, Meda Stamper said "This is a piece of theatre with the biblical text itself as the script.  I am the narrator and act out the story as I tell it.  There is a gifted percussionist, Stuart Wood, who supports the movement of the story.  It's not like a reading in church - it's more accessible and engaging and audiences seem to feel it is wonderful to experience the sweep of the gospel."  Asked whether it would be interesting to non-Christians, she replied:

" One-person performances generally have a marvellous intensity and vulnerability. It is an interesting text and piece of theatre.  For me as the performer it feels as if there is more space opened up for grace and goodness and joy. It is a blessing."