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Commemorating Founder's Day at St Andrew's Church

Sunday 21 February 2016

Group Scout Leader Geoff Hagan speaking to St Andrew's congregation1st Highfield St Andrew's Scouts came to St Andrew's Church to commemorate Founder's Day, 22 February, the birthday of Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Scout movement in 1907, and to renew their vows.

                             Group Scout Leader Geoff Hagan speaking to St Andrew's congregation






Group Scout Leader, Geoff Hagan, spoke to the Congregation about the history of Scouting in Chesterfield. Lord Baden-Powell started the Scout Movement in 1907 and just three years later in 1910 scouting arrived in Chesterfield.

27th Chesterfield St Andrew's Scouts started at St Andrew's Church in 1949.  In 2007, exactly 100 years since Scouting started, 1st Highfield St Andrew's Scouts started at St Andrew's Church being the amalgamation of 27th Chesterfield and 24th Chesterfield which had originally started in 1943. View the 1st Highfield St Andrew's Scout page on this site.

part of John Robertshaw's collection of Scouting badges John Robertshaw's collection of Scouting badges





With the help of his two Scout sons, Geoff Hagan had built an impressive structure at the front of St Andrew's Church to house John Robertshaw's collection of Scouting badges, including ones that John won when he himself was a Scout.

John Robertshaw had stitched in green wool the exact outline of the British Isles onto a Scout blanket and had then stitched the badges in the appropriate place on the map.

John Robertshaw had been involved with the Scouts for 41 years and has donated his collection of badges to the Scouts.picture of John Robertshaw

The new extension to the Scout Hut allowing the pursuit of Archery and shooting as well as extra storage space bears John's name.

The structure at the front also housed a map of the World which Geoff Hagan used to tell us that the Scouts had visited Denmark and are planning to return there soon.  Scouts had also camped in Switzerland at a point as high in altitude as Ben Nevis! Geoff told us that his daughter in the Scouts had visited Japan and Australia. The Beavers had been to France.

'Life without adventure would be deadly dull' - Lord Baden-Powell.

Wooden bust of Lord Robert Baden-Powell, borrowed for the occasion.                                                     John Robertshaw

The wooden bust is one of two commissioned in Sierra Leone and transported to the United Kingdom. One resides at Spitewinter Scout Camp Site and the other at Chesterfield Town Hall.

map of the world showing camp locationswooden bust of Robert Baden-Powell

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