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St Andrew's Church Christingle Service - a service for children of all ages

A service for children of all ages.

Families and children are especially welcome to attend the Scouts' Christingle Service to be held at St Andrew's Church on Friday 2 December 2016 at 6.30pm.

picture of a ChristingleThe Christingle Service celebrates Jesus the Light of the World.

The orange represents the whole world, the red ribbon encircling the orange represents the Saviour's blood shed for our sins, the four lots of fruits and sweets represents the fruits of the earth and the light surmounting the orange represents Jesus the light of the world.

A light stick is used instead of a lighted candle as a fire safety measure.

picture of a group if children each holding a Christingle in a darkened roomThe Christingles are very effective in a darkened room.



The Christingle

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