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St Andrew's Christingle Service 2 December 2016

picture of a ChristingleA total of 90 Scouts, their Leaders, Parents and members of St Andrew's Church gathered in St Andrew's Church for the annual Christingle Service.

The Scouts enjoyed singing Carols with the words displayed on the Sanctuary wall at the front and a game of charades concerning the Christingle.

Peter Dawson led the service and explained the significance of the Christingle. The orange represents the whole world, the red ribbon encircling the orange represents the Saviour's blood shed for our sins, the four lots of fruits and sweets represents the fruits of the earth and the light surmounting the orange represents Jesus the light of the world.

The Christingles were very effective in the darkened Church.

Our Minister, the Reverend John Cook, explained that 3.7M children were living in poverty  and 100,000 young people are forced to leave home each year. We can help by raising money or volunteering to help the Children's Society. The Children's Society help 60,000 children a year.

The Scouts had been collecting money for the Children's Society and these contributions were brought forward and amounted to £61.25, which were later increased to £72.29.

Light sticks were used instead of candles as a fire safety measure.


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