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Questions and Answers to the Fun Quiz on Derbyshire Villages and Towns

Fun Quiz to raise money for St Andrew’s United Reformed Church Hall Roof Fund   @   £1

The Quiz raised £20 for the Hall Roof Fund.

Fun Quiz of Derbyshire villages and towns
  Questions Answers
1 Example: - A field for pollinators = Beeley (ley or lea is a meadow or field)
2 The packman brought death to this place


3 A breed of sheep or a great hall? Hardwick (Did you spot the mistake in this question? The breed of sheep is Herdwick.)
4 What's the question about this water source? Whatstandwell
5 Mary Berry should love this place Bakewell
6 It has become a memorial to dead trees Elmton or Coton-in-the-Elms
7 Have you got the key to this carpet? Matlock
8 Dark water - there's two of these Blackwell
9 Used for sweeping the patio? Stonebroom
10 Does this tree grow coins? Monyash
11 Medicines in a meadow - there's two of these too Pilsley
12 Staple food for everyone Breadsall
13 Was it wise for one of Robin Hood's merry men to die here? Hathersage
14 Where Bonnie Prince Charlie turned back Derby
15 Does the sea really go in and out here? Tideswell
16 A French cat seems to have strayed into this grand place Chatsworth
17 They don't grow wheat or barley in this meadow Hayfield
18 Did the devil get into a bit of a twist here? Chesterfield
19 Birthplace of the inventor of the bouncing bomb Ripley
20 A rocky place in the centre Stoney Middleton
21 Adam Bede's Snowfield Wirksworth
22 An internet valley? Edale
23 I thought this place was in Australia! Melbourne
24 Something to wave in processions Flagg
25 An odd place for a revolution Pentrich
26 King Penda's capital Repton
27 Posh car in a marsh perhaps? Fenny Bentley
28 Moravian home Ockbrook
29 Avoid this place on Shrove Tuesday Ashbourne
30 They get their well dressing in first Tissington






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