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We have a General Election on the 8 June 2017. All citizens get a vote. Billions of other inhabitants - animals and plants - as picture of a butterfly on herb Marjoramwell as the landscapes they inhabit, do not. This election matters for them, too.

Never has nature been under such threat. A 2016 study 'State of Nature' - of which A Rocha UK was a part - showed a decline in around 50 per cent of animal and plant species in the last 40 years. One in ten of species studied were in danger of being lost from our shores altogether. Now nature is also feeling effects of climate change - disrupting migrating patterns and food availability for some species.

There are solutions. Yet action by governments of all major parties has been insufficient to stop general loss over the decades. As the UK leaves the EU, we face the risk of weakening our protections as we abandon EU environmental legislation.

A Rocha UK supporters will be traditional supporters of different political parties or none. Yet we are united by a belief in the Christian mandate to care for God's creation. It is critical to demonstrate that at this election.

                                                                                                          From the A Rocha Website.

Think, Pray, Vote.


St Andrew's Church is one of over 50 United Reformed Church congregations, which are now registered with the ECO ChurchPicture of a bee on herb Marjoram scheme launched last year by Christian environmental charity, A Rocha UK. This an award scheme for churches in England and Wales which wish to demonstrate that the Gospel is good news for God's earth. ( Churches in Scotland have participated for some years in the similar ECO-congregation scheme). To find out more please visit:

Just an ECO-thought for June.

Gardeners and Farmers in the south of the UK, noticed it first. We had few April showers. Not much rain or snow throughout the winter either. The ground is quite dry in consequence. Hose pipe bans might have to be brought in.

So perhaps we should start now to be extra careful with our use of water, that comes from our taps so readily. Not leave taps on unnecessarily, or left dripping.

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