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ECO Church - Advice on using, storing and disposing of garden pesticides safely.

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Helpful hints on using, storing and disposing of garden pesticides from PSD - Pesticides Safety Directorate - an executive agency of Defra.

PSD supports and encourages efforts to reduce the environmental impact of pesticides in the UK.

Having in mind safety for people and the environment.......

  • Consider, do you really need to use a pesticide?
    Can you find another way to deal with the problem? - try the following websites:picture of an orange coloured  butterfly on a herb, Marjoram
  • Before buying a pesticide product,do you already have some that can be used up? If the product has a 'MAFF' or a 'MAPP' number you can check to see if it is still legal to use it at :
  • Products with an 'HSE' number are controlled by the Health and Safety Executive. To check if HSE products are still legal to use, either telephone the HSE information helpline on 0845 345 0055 or go to:
  • When buying a pesticide, read the label or ask your garden centre or DIY shop for advice if you need help finding suitable pesticides, or try
  • Never buy more than you will need for one year. Always read the label for instructions on how to use, store and dispose of pesticides.
  • Never pour unwanted pesticides down the drain - this may harm wildlife.picture of butterfly on Marjoram in flower
    Ask your local Council for advice on disposal of unwanted pesticide or empty containers, or visit:
  • For more information on all these issues telephone the Pesticides Safety Directorate information team on 01904 455775 or visit the website at:


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