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ECO Church - Trees

We may be aware that trees bring benefits to urban areas but increasingly these benefits are being better understood.picture of some trees in leaf

The UN has published a summary of recent research which highlights the fact that trees in urban areas can:

  • cool the air by up to 8ºC
  • filter air pollutants
  • regulate water flow and improve water quality
  • while absorbing up to 150kg of carbon dioxide per year
  • sequestering carbon
  • and mitigating climate change.

The National Forest, which is transforming 200 square miles of central England, includes all the towns and villages, streets and parks, within its 200 square miles, not just the woodlands, fields and farmland. The National Forest Company has worked with partners to deliver a programme of urban tree planting for the last 25 years.

Information regarding the National Forest may be found on

Even dead trees, made safe by removing top branches leaving a shorter standing tree, can be useful. Wood on the ground soaks up moisture creating a wet, decaying habitat useful for insects, invertebrates and mammals while the dead tree trunk becomes dry and is a different type of habitat for different species and can be a valuable site for bats and kestrels, also mice, lichen and fungi.





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