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ECO Church - Birds

picture of a swan on waterAccording to the recent UK Bird Report, bird behaviour is changing.

Rising temperatures affect birds and the changes in behaviour seen are consistent with a warming climate.

5,000 Bewick small swans used to come to the UK but now only 1,000 have been sighted. It is not cold enough for them and they largely stay in the Netherlands and in Germany. Whooper swans have been seen flying with 4% young where they used to be seen with 25% young.  This is a significant change and a cause for concern.

Goldfinch and Nuthatch birds are being forced northwards in the UK, as are other breeds, and, because there is not any close land beyond Scotland, some breeds may disappear altogether.  Significant changes are taking place in bird distribution around the UK. Birds are under a lot of pressure at the moment.

1963 was the last, really bad winter, locking the UK in ice to the end of March, which killed a lot of wildlife because it was so prolonged.

With climate change, rarer bird species could go to extinction.

There will be winners and losers, we may gain some new feathered friends but the UK may not be offering the correct habitat for their requirements. The Dartford Warbler started to thrive in the warmer UK climate but was lost during the war years, but then returned in the late 90's.

With a steadily warming climate, birds and indeed all wildlife face a perilous future.



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