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ECO Church - Birds - continued

picture of a swan on waterWith a warming climate, and birds and wildlife are facing a perilous future.

To help the birds as much as possible, we could try to make our gardens bird friendly; providing bird feeders,bird baths,plants, hedges and trees that will provide food and shelter.

Blackbirds and thrushes love the fruits and berries of plants including rowan, berberis and pyracantha, while ivy berries, which ripen much later, are invaluable to hungry birds in late winter and early spring when food can be scarce. Blackbirds, song and mistle thrushes, chaffinches, redwings and fieldfares love windfalls of cooking, dessert and crab apples which can provide them with food in the leaner months.

Hedging can also provide a great nesting site for birds, shelter during frosty nights and food. Holly is slow-growing, but is among the most effective hedges for birds. It ensures windproof shelter on frosty nights, nesting opportunities in spring and berries that attract blackbirds, thrushes and other birds. In spring insects will be attracted to its flowers.

The hawthorn is another great hedging plant. Its dark red haws are a magnet for redwings and fieldfares in winter, and its prickly stems ensure good nesting places for finches, dunnocks, robins and blackbirds.



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