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The Greatest Christmas Gift of all

The Greatest Christmas Gift of all is that God gave all there is to give of love, in the birth of Jesus Christ. Read all about it here:

Every birth is extraordinary. A baby is born without speech or rational thought and is given a name before anyone could know their personality. Each child makes its own way and develops its own character, likes and dislikes, gifts and failings. That indeed is extraordinary.

But the birth of Jesus is something else entirely. Luke makes the point by the way he tells the story (see Luke 2. 15-21).This birth is surrounded by angels. An angel announces the coming conception to the prospective mother, and foretells the name into which this baby is to grow, Jesus, the Saviour. Angels startle shepherds with news of the birth and propel them to Bethlehem to see for themselves. There can be little doubt that this birth is even more extraordinary than any other. Any child may have a great future ahead of them, but for this child the great future is already mapped out. He is Jesus the Saviour, Emmanuel - God with us.

God loved us so much that He came to live and die among us.

St Andrew's